Saoirse Rachel Munsey

Christmas 17-5

Saoirse (SEE-UR-SHA)

We get a lot of questions how to pronounce our little girls name. It’s Irish and it means Freedom. We always try to pick unique and prophetic names for our kids. Her middle name means little lamb, so free little lamb. Hoping that she will understand in her heart how Christ sets all His lambs free who all go before Him. That one day she will share this good news to all the world.



Tenzin Munsey


Tenzin is our special gift. We had Tenzin surprisingly after just having a miscarriage. One of the hardest things to experience is loosing a child inside of your body. I just remember wanting another baby so much, and I really felt the blessing from the Lord when I found out I had a healthy baby living inside of me.

Rachel Munsey


I am currently 25 years old and happy to be a young mother and a wife. I have been really blessed to be married young and already have two children. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom and be married young. It really surprised me the age I was when I started dating my husband at age 19. I never thought I would have children this fast. haha.

I have learned so much by being married at 21 and having our second child this year. My tastes and likes have changed and strengthened so much. I have become more attached to my art work and coffee than I ever expected. I love creating, decorating, hosting, cooking, tasting, hiking, and being out in nature.  I guess I am turning into a hipster (my family thinks I am weird sometimes.) 😉

My goal is to one day establish some sort of business with my husband which I hope involves coffee and decorating our own store. I hope to have more children; and to live on property that I can grow veggies, fruit, and have chickens.  To me that sounds like total bliss.

Andrew Munsey


What can you say, Life gets in our way and pulls us from what we enjoy or are actually passionate about. We struggle to set aside the time to do what drive us, even if we don’t even realize it.

This is the story of my life since I will devote all that I am to take care of my beautiful wife and 2 sons(well one is on the way). This is one of my greatest faults as it pulls me from what I enjoy or am passionate about. And what is that? Well, lively debates with people who don’t care who’s political or spiritual side you are on, but want a rounded discussion; Coffee, as I was a barista for almost four years and learned to love the drug even more than I already did as well as in more recent months being taught by my coffee guru younger brother; and finally, Beer.  The last point will probably take up most of my space as I appreciate almost every aspect of beer other than trying to get drunk, not my style. Having started with coffee, I began to learn origins of coffee and the tasting flavors that I enjoyed which after turning 21 I turned into my philosophy with beer; except, I have exceeded coffee in that I am self teaching myself to brew along with my father-in-law. I have a long way to go to perfection, but this is what life makes hard to work on.

Oh, and did I say that its hard for me to put down the time to pen my thoughts….