Intro Gaps Pancakes

Hopefully, in another post I’ll share more of my journey on the gaps diet. However, I had to share these really yummy pancakes that I get to eat during my diet. I loved them and so did my kids this morning. I got the recipe from this website How we Flourish. Even if your not on this diet you can still enjoy a yummy healthy breakfast or snack. 🙂


Parenting: Reflecting On Authortiy

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I was talking to my girl friends about Heaven one day and what they thought Heaven would be like. We went back and forth about how everything there will reflect his likeness. Since then, I have been thinking about how God reflects his nature now.  How it reflects off me as being a child of God, who is responsible to reflect His likeness. One of the things I thought about is His authority. The way He reflects authority to me, how I receive it, and why. I never thought of this idea as a guide to parenting until I started explaining loving authority to my kids one day. It gave me a peaceful understanding of how to handle authority and how to respond in love.

God reveals and reflects His authority in ways of a husband. God is the husband and His people are His wife. He is our Bridegroom and we are his bride. We know He gives husbands authority and mothers authority. Basically,  what I want to get at is that we all have authority figures. Authority figures reflect the fact that God created this life style, because He is one. Therefore, we have authority figures. God asks us to obey respect authority/ figures because He appointed them to be responsible for whoever that is. At the same time, He is the authority over us all. Plus God reflects a true husband, happily taking the responsibility to provide for his brides. Looking at Him as an example in whatever authority situation He puts us in.

Other than being a husband, God also reflects a loving father who loves and corrects.  How does He reflect being a Father with authority? In Hosea 6:6 God says he’d rather us have steadfast love for Him rather than just going through the motion of obediants.

For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,

the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

He desires  steadfast love. So when we train our kids to do things, as leading up a child the way they should go. It’s not because, “I told you so,” but out of love.

When I ask my children to be obedient or tell them why. I say, “You love on mommy when you do this. You love on Jesus when you respect mommy and daddy.”  Because I myself never knew that obeying my mom when I was a child also meant doing it because I loved her. My boys love hugs and kisses and I tell them there are other ways to love me. Such as, not having a fit, speaking to me nicely, or putting diapers away.

Seeing God’s heart is even huge for us as parents in Hosea 6:6, “I desire steadfast love.” I know for me I want respect at times or being selfish and just wanting good obedient children! What God desires more is love. We shouldn’t want to gain anything with our authority as parents more than the love from our children. And again the only way to do that is to reflect the Father by spending time with Him.  I forget at times to not abuse my authority by being bossy, but to correct myself and seeing the nature of true authority. Because we are trying to do for them what Christ does for us. Not saying that it is going to be perfect, but if they see God’s reflection in authority, then they will feel safe. They will desire the Father and not turn away from Him because He is The Authority.

I hope this was encouraging or interesting to read. I have had so many times of confusion on how to train my children. How to give grace, when to correct, etc. Looking at the Perfecter of authority and Creator of authority has helped me to have a clearer understanding how to respond to authority and how to reflect it.

My Social Issues

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Alright, I had a melt down. I think I am finally figuring out the pattern. It’s being isolated and not getting a break. This week I had almost every day a play date or some sort of outing which I would been able to get out and have a little freedom. This week mostly everything got canceled. Unfortunately, stuff like this happens even with my efforts to get out and find some social time. When it doesn’t happen it really comes back at me, because I am that person that does well with interaction and I need a break. Sounds totally reasonable, right?

One issue I come up with is that I am not one of those moms that just because I need a social life I am not going to do things that are a typical mom thing to do. I don’t know what other word to put it. I don’t mean to be harsh. I am a rebel when it comes to being different in some situations.  I am not a library reading/ singing along mom, I am not a mom that does MOPS ( maybe if my own church had one), and I don’t do mass public places/ money activities. If you like that sort of thing. Good for you! I wish I could be you! My social life would be so much more easier. I personally hate them, I don’t feel comfortable mentally and physically in those  environments. I  do try them, but why be miserable with doing things that are not for me?

What is their for a mom in this culture? I would love to go nature hiking, exploring with my kids, and do artsy things, but it’s just not time for me to do that yet. My kids are not at that age for certain activities and my thirty-two week prego belly just can’t function with two toddlers. Plus all that extra needed energy. What do you mommas do that love nature and don’t want to get trapped into the norm of just doing stuff just because? Let’s get creative. Let’s discover what we are uniquely creatively called to be as a woman and a momma. How can we thrive in what God gives to us and enjoy life? Let’s help each other out and think outside the box of what to do, instead of doing things that culture only hands to us. Who wants to bear much fruit with our labor (raising hand)!?

Whenever I get confused about what a stay home mom is suppose to look like, I think of the women in Proverbs 31. It’s a short chapter, I would advise you to read it( I just reread it again). It displays all the things that this women of the Lord was praised over. She did more than just find socialization, entertain her children, and keep the house clean. She worked to provide her home with good things, she gardens and provides for her workers and family, she helps others in need, she dresses herself well and keeps healthy and strong, she sells clothes that she makes, and teaches kindness, she fears the Lord, and EVERYONE calls her blessed.

SHE’S SO AWESOME! I want to be like this woman! Who is fruitful.  Look at all the things she does! I don’t know about you, but I am jazzed right now and encouraged by this woman.  It definitely, gives me ideas of all the other possible Biblical things that a women of God can do with her time. We don’t have to get in that trap of what we think a momma social life is suppose to look like. Our social life doesn’t have to evolve around our children. Our lives doesn’t have to priorities keeping our children happy 24/7. It’s not our purpose. I want to stop beating myself up when I don’t socialize like another mom does. What I am suppose to all do for my kids. What a stay at home mom “doesn’t do.” All the answers are in the Word of God!


  • What do you think God is calling you to do individually?
  • What is your favorite daily routine you would like to share on here? I would love to get some ideas. 🙂

Baby announcement!

We are expecting a little girl in November! I can’t tell you how excited we are and how shocked I am! I was convinced my husband was going to give me all boys. I’m so use to boys now that I feel almost unaware of how to raise a girl. Haha. It’s like I’m a beginner of how to be a momma all over again. I grew up with two sisters and at a young age had nieces, so you would think I’d be prepared for this.  

The Boys Birthday Parties

It was a crazy crazy few weeks over here. Both boys birthday are in April and I was worried that I wouldn’t have the energy or will power to make up the decorations or think of something fun to do. Finances are really tight so I was always waiting for a pay check to buy the stuff I needed. In order to make or get decorations which gave me two to three days. God was really good and helped me out. He gave me energy, ideas, and the money to do what I was imagining.

Maximus turned three this year and he is really into “How To Train A Dragon” and Veggie Tale Vikings about sharing. So this year, vikings was our theme. He loved the swords and shields that I put together. The two banners made of paper, paint, and marker. It was a fun party. I loved painting and creating the ship which was out of cardboard. I didn’t mind dressing up a little for it myself. 😉


My lil lad turned one this year! I knew for a long time I wanted to base the party theme off of the book, “The Wonderful Things You Will Do” by Emily Martin. Love her books! I didn’t know really how to do it, but it turned out to be a little bit of everything. There were balloons, a flag banner that I made, and a little garden where the food was with outdoor animals. We threw a tee pee that my husband made while back in the back yard for the kids to play in. It was a really cute party. I did a lot more for this one, but it was worth it! It was Tenzin’s first. Even though it was really for me (that’s what they say) I wanted to bless him and everyone that came. Besides it gave me a chance to use my creative skills. I haven’t made anything for a while. Yay for projects!