What I Learned From Corrie Ten Boon


I just finished the book Hiding Place, a biography about Corrie Ten Boons life. It was humbling to read and very much encouraging hearing about the life she had. The people she was influence and guided by. The words of wisdom she was brought up to be the woman she was during WW2. She is the lady known for hiding Jews during the war; and how her and her sister was taken to the concentration camps.

What spoke to me was Corrie’s and I similarities. We both don’t like to be isolated from people and we both struggle to be compassionate to those that we are hurt by. In prison she was alone in a cell and couldn’t speak to anyone. She was in there for 7 months until she was sent to camp. She clinged to a young girl guard when she heard her father was dead. Instead of pitty she got blamed for it. She then cried out to God realizing that she went to someone instead of going to God. For the ministry in prison it was her sister Betsie that understood the real battle that was going on in the souls of those who mistreated them. It was Betsie that helped Corrie with her anger towards those that needed Jesus the most. It was Betsie’s dream for Corrie to reach out to the Germans after the war because they were so lost. Corrie was the leader in helping and providing the Jews in her home. She wasn’t when it came to the spiritual leadership.

Another part of the story that stood out to me was her home. Growing up as a child Corrie’s parents took care and welcomed extended family into their home. When they all passed they invited others to stay in their home until they could be independent on their own. They knew their neighbors, they cared for them. They were there for each other in everything. They helped others when they knew it would cost them their comforts and their lives.

This family are roll models to me. I love the fact they can take care of their family, take care for others, and still have hobbies and jobs. It looks like a lot, but it’s so rewarding and filling. I personally want to do more and that takes order and prioritizing, but I believe it can be done. This is a lifestyle I admire so much.

Seeing this beautiful lifestyle in this family, has given me even more of a heavy heart to my own little world right now. I’ve grown to be disappointed at myself and to my own culture and how we lost the talent of really being their for one another. What is it that we have lost the time or want to help each other. Have we become numb? Have we created excuses? Have we become so busy with our own lives and circle that we don’t have the priority for others lives? It is a problem when we don’t feel like we can go to people because of judging. It is a problem when we can’t be honest with each other. It is a problem when we can’t even share the ugly battles to our friends. What do we individually have a hard time with to not be their for each other or open ourselves up for one another’s help?


Learning His Love


Today is the first day of 2017. Already it has turned my world upside down. My husband is gone and I am alone with the kids. I wish today was an easy joyful day. Instead, it’s rough and emotional. My mind is spinning about the day and how to survive the next coming two weeks. I have to remind myself that it’s okay. Being alone is new and everything is strange at the moment, but it’s going to get better. But why did the hardest part have to be isolation? One of my worst fears. I know life can just suck, but I know sometimes there are reasons.

Before Andrew left for Russia I knew I needed to prepare myself for the two weeks. I knew that I would need serious help to survive. What I really didn’t expect was what God wanted me to learn this year specifically.  He told me very clearly that I didn’t understand His love for me very well. What I knew was not good enough. If God didn’t say that or showed me some examples of his love before Andrew left, I be falling apart right now. Praise God! I understand the whole trust in God can only work effectively if I believed it one hundred percent. In different forms I can doubt it very easily. Right now being isolated, I can/have easily think God is doing it on purpose. I need to believe even if He did, it is only out of sincere love. I can’t think he’s doing it to be rough with me or abuse my feelings.  If I doubt God’s sincere love when things go wrong, I can’t get very far in my walk. Andrew could tell you I have a very hard time going to God when I am upset. I make myself isolated, because I “feel” like no one cares. Doubt doubt doubt. Feelings feelings feelings that aren’t true. BLA! UGH! GR! I don’t know everything, but this isolation definitely feels like a lesson. It feels so extreme, but I know He’s trying to teach me to come to Him. If I always had people around me it wouldn’t be much of a lesson.