Pancakes (Syrup and Butter Not Needed)

I have been searching for a good pancake recipe for forever! I finally found one that works with my low gluten diet and it’s delicious! It is so sweet and oily from the coconut you really don’t need syrup and butter. All you need is fruit! You could do whatever you want, but fruit is my personal favorite.  I am using my mom’s recipe but substituted a bit of it . This recipe makes a big batch it serves two adults, a toddler, and a baby.

I like giving it to my nine month old, because the texture comes apart nicely. Almond flour and banana makes chewing for my son easy, so I doesn’t have to worry about him choking.


These are some of the products I use for the recipe.


The finished product! Yum yum! 🙂


1 cup Almond flour

1 cup Semolina flour  ( or Garbanzo bean flour)

4 tsp. baking powder

1/2 coconut oil ( or Olive oil)

1 Tbs. honey

1 1/2-2 cups Almond milk

2 eggs ( or one whole banana)



Coconut Pancakes Recipe

On weekends we like to splurge on breakfast and make it a special time, because these are the only mornings we get to spend all three of us together. It also means mess in the kitchen and more dishes to wash, but who really cares if coffee or bacon is involved.

This weekend I didn’t know what I had in the cupboard, but a little coconut flour. If you worked with coconut flour you know you don’t need much of it. I found this recipe and I have to say it is a keeper. I thought it deserved to be recognized: Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes

I love trying new recipes that are healthy and gluten free. If you want to go beyond that, honey is a great alternative to maple syrup. I actually think it’s tastier. My husband thought it was, “Okay.”