Call to Leadership

At the turn of this year, I was on a mission trip in Russia. It was a time that I knew God was calling me from monotony that I had allowed to creep into my day-to-day life and to live for something other than myself. It is times like these that the Holy Spirit speaks, and He called me to push deeper and to become the leader in my home before calling me and my wife forward in what He will have for us.

First off, I have appreciated the phrase my pastors’ use that as Christians we are called from where ever we are in our spiritual walk to where the Holy Spirit is moving. This calling sometimes is/isn’t specific to an individual, but it is up to all individuals to act upon and set aside whatever might hinder the moving of His Spirit in their lives.

But that was a side note. For some years now, I’ve felt that I am being called to serve the body of Christ in some way but never acted on finding out how. Dreamed at times of speaking, though I’m not a great public speaker. Two words were spoken to me that I reflected on while I was there. One was by a pastor I was serving with; he advised my room-mate and myself to never seek to teach but to always be ready(similar to the command in 1st Peter 3:15). He also asked me to speak for one session in a conference we helped run. I spoke the first night and walked away humbled. Thank God for the experience though. Secondly, 1st Timothy 3:4 was given to me. Paul was inspired to right about leadership within the church body and how anyone seeking such a role must first be a leader within his/her home before they aspire to do anything within the church body. This was the calling I am moving to.

In starting to write, I don’t want to be long-winded, which is my personality. I try to over explain any point that I feel is not being perceived as I want it to, and my poor wife will suffer at times for it. This is just an introduction to thoughts on leadership and what is being revealed to me; and to follow through with one other aspect of the trip, I believe God told me to write as well, to learn to formulate  ideas in a presentable manner rather than rambling on about some point. Just thoughts here and hopefully I will press forward as it has taken me 6 months to follow through with this part. But time to find my voice that I should be using.



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